Information for Candidates

Have you considered running as a Catholic School Board Trustee?

Nomination Packages are available for pick-up at the Catholic School Division Office in St. Albert (6 St. Vital Avenue) and are also available on the website, below.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the School Division Office is currently closed to the public. If you wish to pick-up a Nomination Package, please call 780-459-7711 for an appointment during regular office hours. Plan for about 20 minutes at pick-up time to review the package requirements.

Candidates must live within the division boundaries to represent any Ward in which they run, and be Catholic. The Office of School Trustee is an elected, paid position with a variety of responsibilities and commitments. For more information please review the contents of the Nomination Package, below, or contact Iva Paulik, Secretary-Treasurer & Returning Officer at 780-459-7711, or email

Completed Nominations will be accepted, by appointment only, during operational days, from January 4, 2021 to 12:00 noon on September 20, 2021, at the Catholic School Division Office in St. Albert (6 St. Vital Avenue).  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the School Division Office is currently closed to the public.

Candidates are strongly encouraged to deliver Nominations in-person, by appointment, and at least a few days in advance of the September 20th deadline, to allow sufficient time for correction of any potential irregularities or missing information.

Additional information will be added to the website as it becomes available.

Nomination Package Contents

While the Nomination Package is available below, Candidates are strongly encouraged to call 780-459-7711 for an appointment to pick up and review the package with the Division's Returning Officer or Delegate. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, the School Division Office is currently closed to the public, but appointments are available now until mid-September. If you wish to pick-up a Nomination Package, please plan for about 20 minutes to review the package and NEW requirements.

Please download "forms" to view in Adobe Reader or a similar program. Forms can be downloaded by selecting the form or by right clicking on the form and selecting "Save link as". For best results, please use a laptop or desktop computer.

  1. Office of Catholic School Trustee
  2. Form 4 - Nomination Paper and Candidate Acceptance (please choose only the specific Ward Nomination Form in which you wish to run)
  3. Instruction Sheet - Completing the Nomination Papers and Additional Info
  4. Form 5 – Candidate Financial Information
  5. Information Sheet on Eligibility and Residency
  6. Disclosure of Candidate Information Form, Request for Photo, and Statement for posting on “Why you are Running for Trustee”
  7. Information Sheet on “Why you are Running for Trustee”
  8. Form 16 – Statement of Scrutineer or Official Agent (if applicable)
  9. Information Sheet - Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Information, including Third Party Advertising
  10. Form 26 – Campaign Disclosure Statement and Financial Statement
  11. Form 27 – Registration of a Third Party
  12. Form 28 – Third Party Advertising Contribution Statement
  13. Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools - Jurisdiction Map (includes all three wards)
  14. Business Card of Returning Officer, Iva Paulik, Secretary-Treasurer

PLEASE NOTE: Form updates completed above: Form 5@23Feb2021; Form 27@29Mar2021;  Forms 26 & 28 are under REDEVELOPMENT by MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS ALBERTA - they will be updated as they come available.


The Alberta Catholic Trustees Association (ACSTA) is an organization who's Mission is to celebrate, preserve, promote, and enhance Catholic education. Please visit their website.

Catholic schools have been operating in Alberta since the 1840’s - well before Alberta became a province. ACSTA was formed in 1966 to support Separate School Trustees and to provide opportunities for Trustees to discuss issues important to Catholic education.

Catholic schools are all-inclusive, welcoming school communities where all students are unique creations of God and are cherished as gifts from God.

ACSTA Fact Sheet


The Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) has a municipal election landing page which includes various resources and supports for new and returning trustees. This includes ASBA’s Trustee Election Guide (available in French and English); ASBA’s Trustee Campaign Checklist; and, various provincial legislation, resources and information packages.

2 Key Resources on ASBA's website are linked below:

ASBA’s Trustee Election Guide

ASBA’s Trustee Campaign Checklist

Duties of a Candidate

A candidate must ensure that:

  • a campaign account, either in the candidate’s name or the name of their election campaign, is opened at a financial institution for the election campaign at the time of nomination or as soon as possible after contributions exceed $1,000 in total;
  • if a campaign account has been opened, all monetary contributions are deposited into the account;
  • money in the account is only used for the payment of campaign expenses;
  • contributions of real property, personal property and services are valued;
  • receipts are issued for every contribution and obtained for every expense;
  • disclosure statements are filed;
  • contribution and expense records are kept and retained for three years after the date the disclosure statement was to be filed;
  • proper direction is provided to the official agent and anyone else who is authorized to incur campaign expenses and to accept campaign contributions;
  • a contribution received in contravention of the LAEA is returned to the contributor as soon as possible; and
  • an anonymous contribution, which cannot be returned to the contributor, is provided to a registered charity or school board.