Technology Use in Schools

Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools supports effective and innovative uses of technology for each and every student. This includes a commitment to providing anytime/anywhere learning opportunities and to teach students to be Christian citizens in a digital world.  Student learning is paramount in schools, and technology is used as a tool to support teaching and learning. Digital resources are used to enrich and extend the learning that takes place in the classroom.

Parenting in the Digital Age

Although it may seem that today's children know more about technology than most adults, children of all ages still require guidance and support to navigate the new digital reality.  The resources in this section are curated so that families can help their children navigate the digital world with a balanced approach. 

Digital Citizenship

Click here to learn more about what digital citizenship is and how it is taught in our schools. You'll also find digital citizenship resources including online safety and security, online interactions, cyberbullying and cultivating a positive digital identity.

G-Suite for Education

Google Apps or G-Suite for Education are web-based applications for communicating and creating files such as documents, slideshows and spreadsheets. They provide flexible and collaborative ways for your children to learn and allow for ongoing access to resources and projects.

Online Resources

Check out our list of online resources to support your child's learning. You'll find interactive activities to review and reinforce concepts as well as finding supporting resources and reference materials for your child.

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